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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Planning for Your Family's Future

You've worked hard to build a life for yourself and your family, so it's wise to make sure you create a plan that protects your assets for your family when you're no longer with them. Without the right planning, your assets may be taxed excessively or taken away from your family altogether. When you entrust Annette with your estate planning, she will take the time to understand the individual needs of your family so that you can create the most successful transfer of your assets to your children and other beneficiaries.

Annette can provide a range of estate planning services, such as:

Wills • Trusts  •  Property Ownership  • Powers of Attorney (General, Durable, and Healthcare)

Annette is committed to creating the most effective estate plan for you and your family. When you work with her, you can expect personalized service at every step in the legal process. Whether you're creating your first estate plan or making modifications to the plans you've already put in place, Annette will help you accomplish your goals with ease and an acute attention to detail. Contact her today to schedule an estate planning consultation!