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Traffic Violations

Traffic Violations

Experienced Traffic Violation Defense Attorney

Just about everyone on the road knows the sinking feeling of seeing red and blue flashing lights in the rearview mirror. One minute, you’re driving down the road thinking about your day, and the next, your mind is flooded with questions like “How much will this cost?” “Will I lose my license?” “What will this do to my record?” and more. Because traffic violations can range from minor to severe, you have the best chances of protecting your driving rights when you enlist the help of a veteran attorney to defend you. 


A DUI is always a serious charge, and the harsh penalties that come with a conviction can significantly impact your life. Whether you’re cited for a first offense, or you’ve been charged with multiple DUIs, you could face jail time and extensive fines, and you may lose your driving privileges. A DUI conviction can also derail your life and prevent you from working in the kind of job you want. Fortunately, being charged with a DUI doesn’t mean that you’re automatically going to incur the harshest penalties, especially when you have the right attorney working in your corner. Annette has more than two decades of experience helping men and women who have been charged with a DUI, and she will put my expertise to work in your defense. 

Speeding Violation

After receiving a ticket for speeding, you might wonder whether you should go to court to try to fight it or just pay the fine. It may seem easier to pay the ticket and move on, but the long term implications can be costly. If your ticket earns you points on your license, you might wind up paying high insurance premiums for years to come. That's why it's so important to take the right steps to defend yourself in court. With more than 26 years of experience defending clients charged with speeding violations, Annette knows what it takes to achieve the best outcome in your case.

Minor Misdemeanors

If you're been charged with a driving-related misdemeanor, such as an MIP or reckless driving, you could face serious consequences. Even though a misdemeanor may seem like a minor offense when compared to a felony, it can lead to high court costs, jail time, and a lifetime of legal difficulties if you don’t enlist the help of a skilled and experienced defense attorney. Annette has successfully defended clients who have been charged with a range of driving-related misdemeanors, and she will work hard to build a strong defense for your case. 

Every traffic violation should be taken seriously, so if you’ve recently received a ticket or have been charged with a driving-related misdemeanor, contact Annette immediately to schedule a complimentary consultation.