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Post Judgment Modifications

Post-Judgment Modifications

Modifying Your Divorce Agreement

Sometimes, in the months or years following the conclusion of a divorce case, circumstances may change for one or both of the spouses, making them unable to fulfill their child support, spousal support, parenting time, or other aspects of the ruling. When this is the case, they may request a post-judgment modification. 

Child Support and Spousal Support Modifications

Modifications to child support and spousal support are often highly contested, as one spouse is rarely eager to see the other relieved from his or her responsibilities. As such, it’s important to never request a modification without the help of an attorney. Courts often request documentation and other proof to show why the standing order should be modified. Most often, changes in child support and spousal support are granted when there is a substantial change in parenting time or the income of the parents. Income changes can also be cited to modify spousal support payments. 

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